Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A repost of one of my favorite quilts

I made this crooked blue quilt for my daughter Ava a few years ago. I was drawn to the color and patterns because the brown simply made the blue pop. I had seen a similar quilt pattern on Amanda Jean's Crazy Mom Quilts blog and knew these fabrics would do nicely for the pattern and I think it turned out well. I learned a lot making this quilt. For example the quilting on it took forever. I quilted around each individual square which meant a lot of pulling and tugging under the machine. It took me a long time to finish the quilt because it was overwhelming for a fairly new quilter. I also realized once it was done that it was really not wide enough to be a true full sized bed quilt. All of the negative aside I loved it and so does Ava. The frayed edges softened up and she loves to snuggle under it. I love that the colors are dark and yet it has a brightness to it. I'm sure it will be one I remember forever.

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