Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another reason to love my machine

Being a SAHM on a budget can be challenging at times. A lot of the time I'm on the lookout for a deal. Second hand clothes are the best option right now for our budget, and I don't mean vintage people. I can't see paying $20 for something used at places like Buffalo Exchange just because it's cool. Rather I like to pay less than $1.00 if I can. My friend Misty told me about the Salvation Army in Edgewood and the great sales that they have. So I drove the 28 miles out there a few days ago and wondered the whole time if I was crazy to drive all that way for a thrift store. It turned out to be time well spent. This sweater was one of the many things I got. In fact I got one like this for Kennedy last year. Now I was in a hurry doing my shopping and the deal was that you could fill a brown bag for a dollar (I filled the heck out of two bags) so I looked at the sweater and saw no stains and no major holes, or so I thought. Coming home I saw the ripped sleeve. Had this been full price I would have taken it back of course but for $.30 I knew it would be something I should fix, so I did. One thing about keeping my machine threaded is that I can jump on and fix anything in a jiffy. We had already planned on making the sleeves doubled for Ava so it worked out perfectly. She now has another great warm sweater for the fall and she can't wait. Neither can I:) Looking forward to more deals!

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