Monday, October 11, 2010

Busy Bee

Wow I can't believe this week has finally ended. It feels like I've been going and going and yet not getting anything done. But in actuality I did only I've forgotten to take pictures to prove it. I finished my second set of squares for a family quilt, (will post soon), finished a quilted wall hanging for my niece, made a horrible quilt top for a friend's daughter, and then made her a new blanket which is pictured in this post. I also made a quilted wall hanging for my aunt the week before but couldn't find the camera in time to take a picture, (was hiding in the Garage). On top of all that we had two b-day parties to go to (one we had here for the little girl who received this blanket), and also a book club meeting. I'm thankful to have this all done because I have a ton of sewing to do before Christmas and still have b-day presents to complete. Never a dull moment.

For this quilt I went out of my comfort zone as far as color. (Still working with squares because I'm still trying to get more experience before I move to more complicated patterns) I usually use brown as my solid color but wanted to try to use black this time. I loved these fabrics although I will agree that two of the fabrics are a little too similar to really tell the difference. Still I enjoy this toddler blanket. I hope she does too.

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